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TRNC's own Game of Thrones-Style Movie


A FANTASY film shoot in the fairy-tale setting of St. Hilarion Castle next year sees Girne-born author and artist Kemal Behcet Caymaz promise North Cyprus its very own Game of Thrones style entertainment.

Book Launch for Tc Author


Turkish author and painter Kemal B. Caymaz's first English-Language book SAPPHIRE: The Promised Time, was lauched last week at an exhibition featuring, illustrations and photographs of people appearing in it...

1067: SAPPHIRE – The Promised Time by Kemal B. Caymaz Book I in English – Launch at EMAA’s Nicosia


By Heidi Trautmann


Blue, the colour of romanticism, blue the colour of endlessness and mystery…. the colour of ‘SAPPHIRE – The Promised Time’, Book I in the English translation. I open the book, the front pages in glittering Blue. The printing on recycled paper. Kemal’s colourful book illustrations on transparent drawing paper, the impression of irreality, transparency, other levels of existence of long ago but timelessly present. A fantasy book based on Cyprus legends of St. Hilarion.

My first Cyprus fantasy


THE first book of a planned fantasy novel trilogy set in North Cyprus has been published in English

Cyprus Fantasy


A fantasy world in North Cyprus


Kemal Behcet Caymaz, the Turkish Cypriot author and illustrator of the fantasy series Sapphire (Safir), promoted his work at the 5th CNR International Book Fair in Istanbul, where he signed copies of his debut novel.

Book signing for TRNC’s first fantasy author


North Cyprus’s first fantasy novelist Kemal Behcet Caymaz signed copies of his debut book in İstanbul on Saturday, and is looking forward to it being released in English to help spread the word about his homeland.

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SAFIR – Müjdelenen Zaman’ by Kemal B. Caymaz - Book Launch and exhibition at the Bedesten


By Heidi Trautmann


‘SAFIR – Müjdelenen Zaman’ – First book of a series of three

written and presented by Kemal B. Caymaz at the Bedesten Nicosia

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A World of Legends – Kemal Behçet Caymaz – a young painter By Heidi Trautmann


Creative people living in our midst...

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The Order in Chaos – Art Exhibition “Once upon a Time” By Heidi Trautmann


A rather short but fresh exhibition was ‘Once upon a Time’ at the Ismet Güney Art Centre by Ayça Akarcan and Kemal B. Caymaz, art students of Eser Kececi at the Near East University. I know the artist Eser and her art work and I know her sensitivity. But what she has taught her students in first place that is to respect art, the tools to work with and to love their work, because when you love your work you treat it respectfully.  The 33 big formatted paintings were very well presented.

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